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Child custody issues can arise either during a divorce or in an independent action called a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationships (SAPCR) if the parents were never married.  While many of the laws are the same regardless of whether the parents were married or not, there is one significant difference.  When a child is born during a marriage, the law presumes that the husband and wife are the parents.  A man can question paternity during a divorce, but there are certain procedures and time limits that must be followed.  In a SAPCR, paternity must be determined by the court.  This can be done by agreement of both parents or through DNA testing where paternity is disputed.


In most cases, the Court will give one parent the right to determine the residence and will grant visitation to the other.  If both parents work together to reach an agreement about their child(ren), they may each have considerable input in how the arrangement will work.  If the Court must decide, they will rule on what is in the “best interest” of the child. 


Points to Remember:
  1. You are either divorcing or separating from your spouse or significant other, not your child. 

  2. Your child is a product of both parents.  If you criticize the other person, you are criticizing 1/2 of your child.

  3.  Your child deserves a healthy relationship with both parents.  Do not prevent that relationship.


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