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Fair Child Support
Your Corpus Christi Child Support Attorney

When parents separate and go their separate ways, the household income can be substantially less than it was.  While the expenses of a home and utilities remain the same, oftentimes there are additional expenses after a divorce such as daycare.  The majority of these expenses are incurred by the parent with whom the child lives the majority of the time.


Child Support insures that both parents help bear the expenses involved in raising children.  Usually, one parent will make monthly payments to the other parent to offset these expenses and to limit the negative effects that divorce or separation can have on children.


The amount of child support payments is based on a percentage of the income of the parent ordered to pay support according to the number of children.  The Texas Attorney General’s Office has set the following percentages which are applied to your take-home income:


1 Child             20%

2 Children        25%

3 Children        30%

4 Children        35%

5 Children        40%


Child support may be decreased if the parent obligated to pay has other children for which they are responsible.  In addition to child support payments, one or both parents will likely be responsible for health insurance and/or expenses.


Arrangements can be made for child support payments to be deducted from the obligor's paycheck by the employer and sent to the Attorney General's Office on behalf of the obligor.  This is the preferred method as it insures the child has the funds needed and the obligor insures they do not fall behind on their payments.

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