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Defense against Domestic Violence charges
Your Corpus Christi Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic violence is assault where the alleged victim is either a member of the same family or in a dating relationship with the accused.  While domestic violence falls under the bigger heading of Assault, there are so many more ramifications that the offense deserves a much closer look.


Child Protective Services

Allegations of domestic violence can also be grounds for the removal of children by the Department of Child Protective Services.  If an allegation is made and then withdrawn, it is not uncommon for CPS to brand the accused as an abuser and claim that by now denying the violence occurred, the alleged victim is now failing to protect his/her children.  Domestic violence in a home with children often results in battles in criminal court as well as with CPS.  In such cases, it is vital that you have an attorney able to represent you in both courts to coordinate a unified defense on both fronts.  At The Law Office of Rick Dodson, we have experience in both criminal and CPS cases.  We can make provide a balanced defense against all charges.



Another possible ramification of domestic violence can be a “No Contact Order’.  This is a direct order by the judge prohibiting you from having any contact with the person who made the allegation.  If this person lives with you that means you will have to move.  This is another reason it is important to have someone looking out for your best interest.


With the possibility of a prison sentence, fines, charges with CPS, being forced to move from your home, and the overall stigma that goes with a domestic violence conviction, it is so very important that you get the best legal representation. 

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