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Defense against drug charges
Your Corpus Christi Drug Charge Defense Attorney

While obtaining sound legal advice as soon as possible is important in any criminal case, it is critical if you have been charged with a drug crime such as possession, possession with intent to distribute, or manufacturing with intent to deliver.  If you have not yet been charged but believe you are under investigation, make sure to adhere to the following rules:


  1. DO NOT allow a search of your home or vehicle without a warrant.

  2. DO NOT discuss your situation with anyone.

  3. DO NOT believe that cooperating with the police will help you.


Law enforcement may use many different tactics to make their case including bullying, lying and deception.  The police are not on your side and they are not there to help you.  Know your rights and do not be bullied into giving those rights up.  Finally, do not be “tricked” into making a statement.  You may be told that someone else has already implicated you in the crime and that you need to make a statement to defend yourself.  This may be nothing more than a tactic to get you to incriminate yourself.


A drug conviction can have drastic effects on your life.  This is why it is so important to get aggressive legal representation as soon as possible.  If your Constitutional rights have been violated, it may be possible to have much or all of the evidence suppressed so that it cannot be used against you at trial.  If there is no violation, then it is important that the facts of your case be examined thoroughly to evaluate the strength of the State’s case against you. 

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