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Modifications and Enforcement when needed.
Your Corpus Christi Modification Attorney

While going through a divorce or break-up can be one of the biggest changes in life, it is unlikely it will be the only change you ever experience.  After the court order is entered into the record, changes in life still occur.  What if you lose your job?  What happens if your company transfers you to another state?  What if your child tells you they would like to live with you now?  When such changes occur, the need may arise to make corresponding changes in the court’s order in areas such as:


  • Child support

  • Visitation

  • Change of custody

  • Geographical Restrictions


To change an existing order, certain procedures must be followed and qualifications met.  We are very familiar with the correct way to petition the court for just such changes. 


Your Corpus Christi Enforcement Attorney

Anyone can make a mistake such as sending the child support late or not being home when their former spouse comes to pick up the children.  When such actions become a habit, however, it is time for actions to be taken to insure your rights as well as your children’s are protected.  Remember, child support and visitation are not the parent’s rights, they are the children’s. 

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