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Defense against Motions to Revoke Probation
Your Corpus Christi Probation Violation Defense Attorney

A person may be placed on probation as a result of one of two occurrences:


  • Straight Probation - The person either plead guilty or was found guilty of  a criminal offense and was placed on probation for a certain period of time instead of going to prison for a particular number of months.

  • Unadjuticated Probation - The person either plead guilty or, after a bench trial, the judge found sufficient evidence to find the person guilty, but instead, defers adjudication and places the person on probation.  While the term of probation is defined, no sentence has been determined.


The difference in the two programs is that in Straight Probation, you know how long you will serve if your probation is revoked.  With Unadjudicated Probation, however, if your probation is revoked, the Judge may sentence you to any amount of time allowed for the degree of offense.  The advantage to Unadjudicated Probation is that if you successfully complete the program, the charge against you will be dismissed and you will never have been convicted of that crime.  


These two programs also have something in common.  When you are placed on either type of probation, you are given a document that spells out the conditions of your probation.  It is a violation of these conditions that initiate a Motion to Revoke Probation, or "MTR".


Whether your MTR is based on an allegation that you have committed another crime, failure to report, or a delinquency in paying fines or court costs, you need to address the issues in court as soon as possible.  Trying to hide or run from the law is only going to compound your problems.


If you have violated probation and are unsure whether an MTR has been filed, call our office and we will find out.  If you know an MTR has been filed but you have not been arrested, call and we get into court as soon as possible.  That way, you are not incarcerated pending the hearing.  If you have already been arrested, call so so can begin preparing for your hearing immediately.  The Courts usually try to have the hearing soon after the arrest, so time is of the essence.

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