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Defense against robbery charges
Your Corpus Christi Robbery Defense Attorney

Robbery is the use of force or threats of force to take another person’s property.  In other words, Robbery is theft with the addition of either force or a threat.  As such, Robbery is classified as a violent crime and carries with it much more significant penalties than simple theft.  In addition to the criminal penalties, a conviction for any violent crime can result in the loss of employment as well as the stigma that accompanies convictions of such crimes.  Your future can be seriously affected by a conviction for Robbery.


Robbery can be as simple as a case of shoplifting where the perpetrator pushes a store clerk to the ground as they run out.  This simple act of force can turn a misdemeanor into a violent felony.  Robbery can include carjacking as well as home invasion.  Remember, even the threat of force is sufficient to turn a theft into a Robbery.  If a person is seriously injured as a result of the act or if a weapon is used during the commission of the offense, the penalties and seriousness of the crime increase dramatically.


If you have been arrested for Robbery or are under investigation, it is important that you contact our office immediately.  As a former police officer, Rick Dodson knows how to conduct his own investigation of the facts and find the weak spots in the Prosecution’s case.  He will go to the scene and walk through the events portrayed in the police report.  He can talk to the witnesses and examine the evidence.  He will evaluate the facts in your case and provide you with sound, legal advice.   

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