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Defense agaist sex crimes
Your Corpus Christi Sex Crimes Defense Attorney
Being accused of a sex crime can change your image in the eyes of the public.  Being convicted of a sex crime can ruin your life.  In addition to possible prison time, a conviction can have other consequences, such as:
  • Registering as a sex offender,
  • Having to notify law enforcement when you move, and
  • Having your neighbors look up your name on the Texas Sex Offender Registry.
Regardless of the outcome, the whole ordeal can be mentally, physically and emotionally overwhelming.  This is why it is so important to have an experienced, aggressive defense lawyer involved as soon as possible.   
Sex crimes can be some of the most difficult to defend against.  There are Rules of Evidence in Texas that apply to every other criminal offense, but not in certain sex crime prosecutions.  You need a criminal defense attorney that understands these laws as well as the tactics the prosecution will use to win a conviction.  
Rick Dodson will thoroughly investigate any accusation of sexual misconduct for such information as:
  • Time between alleged offense and when a report was made,
  • Whether there are specific details about the alleged offense or only generalities, 
  • Have the details of the alleged victim's story changed from one accounting to another.  
Sex crimes often have only one witness and that is the alleged victim.  That is why it is vitally important to have an experienced lawyer who can go through the details to find the inconsistencies that will form the basis for "reasonable doubt" and lead to an acquittal.  
Mr. Dodson can not only discover all the flaws in the prosecution's case, but has the ability to convey those flaws to the jury to in such a way so as to lead to an acquittal.  Do not wait, time is of the essence.  Call our office today to schedule a free consultation. 

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