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Defense against theft charges
Your Corpus Christi Theft Defense Attorney

Theft is a very broad offense with a wide range of punishment.  Included in the offenses considered to be theft are:


  • Shoplifting

  • Credit/debit card theft

  • Identity theft

  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

  • Receiving stolen property


Penalties for theft are determined by the value of the property taken.  For example, if the property was valued less than $100, the offense is a Class C Misdemeanor.  As the value increases, so does the class of offense up to and including felonies.  In addition to fines and possible jail time, convictions for theft can negatively affect your ability to seek and maintain employment.  If you have been charged with theft, do not underestimate the affect a conviction could have on your record and your life.  Call Corpus Christi Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Dodson for a free consultation.

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