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Visitation tha is best for the child.
Your Corpus Christi Visitation Attorney

When parents separate, one of the most important questions to be decided is what to do with the children.  Where will the children live?  Who will make decisions regarding schools and medical treatment?  Will they get to see both parents?


If both parents can work together, they can each have input into these and other important questions.  Agreed parenting plans can include much more flexible terms and conditions than those typically handed down by the courts.  Parents can work together to tackle problems with work schedules, vacation times and school events.  By working together, both parents can continue to have input into what arrangements are made.


If parents cannot work together, however, the court will decide issues for them.  The standard by which the court will make decisions is what is in the best interest of the children.  In most cases, the court will grant joint managing conservatorship with one parent being designated to decide where the children will live.  The other parent will likely be granted standard or extended visitation.


In addition, there are other important issues that can arise.  Restrictions can be put on whether the children will be allowed to move out of the area as well as whether parents can consume alcohol or have overnight guests when the children are with them.

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